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Watch Your Paypal Account Carefully, Check Your Account Daily!!!!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


 I am telling my story so that no one else gets ripped off! 

Last week while going through my hotmail account, I noticed something interesting, yet peculiar. As I read the message title "Here are your Rapid Share Account details", I wondered what the hell is Rapid Share? Interesting enough the message gave me my account details for a rapid share account that I had apparently signed up to via Pay pal. I immediately checked my Pay pal account to see that there was a charge for $54.00(euro’s), which translates to $88.00 Canadian dollars!!! My Pay pal stated that it had returned the charge as they suspected third party use of my Pay pal account. My account had a"limited usage" status. As I looked into this, now I had to prove who I am because someone hacked my Pay pal. So, I submitted all the required documentation and waited. Through several e-mails with Pay pal they stated  that it was being investigated and that the charges would be reversed. Well, the $88.00 dollars had been debited from my bank account, even though I only had $45.00 in it. So, there was an overdraft charge along with many others, and now I am over $50.00 in the RED! I owe the bank money! So, let me get this straight! My account gets hacked, Pay pal allows an unauthorized transaction, my bank gives them the money and charges me for it. So, I wrote Pay pal, they suggest I print a copy of the e-mail from Paypal and bring it to my bank, they should credit the fees back. Ok, so where is my money? It has been 10 days(paypal takes 10 days to investigate) and my money still has not been returned to my bank! That money that was in the account was for groceries(odds and ends for my family). No one at the bank or Pay pal gives a crap or cares! Pay pal has stopped writing/replying to my e-mails. So, today I will send them another e-mail(makes about 7 or 8 now). Maybe by the time August is over I will have my money. Pay pal did include a list of things to do to prevent it in the future. But, what about now?? I wait, I guess, but if I owed that money to Pay pal or the bank, they would have wanted it 10 days ago! This all happened July 18th, now on July 29th I am no further ahead, and I am deeper in debt to the bank. So, here are some tips, so you don’t get screwed out of your money!

#1.  Change your Paypal Password frequently

#2. Don’t give it to anyone

#3. Do not store bank passwords or Pay pal passwords on your computer (Roboform), all a hacker has to do is hack the main password and voila, they now have access to all your important passwords.

#4. If you suspect an unauthorized charge, report immediatelyt and retain all e-mail correspondance(becasue some representatives forget to notate things in their system, leaving you , the victim of internet crime, lookinng like this was the first time you contacted the company.

#5. If it seems to good to be true, it is!

#6. Check e-mails carefully becasue their are phishing sites that have the header of Paypal on the e-mail but once clicked you are brought to another site!

~BE suspicious of any e-mails you receive stating welcome or thanks for joining when you have never heard of the site.~~

P.S. Once my funds are transfered into my bank acount I will be closing my Pay pal for fear it may happen again in the future. I checked online and this has happened before to others, and it was Rapid Share who did it. So, is it a hacker who likes to download illegal movies and music or is it someone at Rapid Share wanting to make commissions? I don’t know, but from now on I will keep a close eye on both my e-mail  and my bank account!!

Hawaiian Hits Site Temporarily Down

Friday, July 24th, 2009


 I was in the midst of surfing this evening. The weirdest thing happened when I clicked on the flashing surprise prize button.  The page that came up stated that the site was suspended. I figured there was an error with the members page I would try to report the site but, no luck. It kept redirecting me to the same page over and over again. Finally, I closed the tab and tried again. I was not able to log in because, you guessed it, the site was suspended. I realize that accidents happen, as it has happened to me in the past but, bandwidth seems to be an issue., I have noticed with newer traffic exchange sites that on the week-ends their bandwidth allocation exceeds their allowance. It is almost as though no one ever expects to exceed the "recommended bandwidth" offered from the various hosts. Regardless, I just thought that I would blog about it to let everyone know that it is not you, it is the site. I do not worry it is only a temporary issue. Keep trying to log in. My luck it is up and running before I even get this posted to my blog! LOL! On the positive side~that’s my sense of humor, lol!

Have a great night and I will give it a go in the morning,(that is to try to surf again at Hawaiian hits if ya didn’t know what I meant).


Shhhh! Top Secret!Traffic Exchange In Pre-Launch, Join Now & Build Your Downline!!

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Recently I stumbled upon a new traffic exchange. I briefly mentioned it in my last blog. Well, now the site is up and running and there is still a few weeks before it launches. So, why not join now and get it on it before the "actual" launch in August. See, the reason most people do not make money online is becasue they are too late. Most of the time when you sign up, there are already massive advertisements. In this case, there are NOT! So, click the url and join now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain for this. This opportunity is a great one, and if you are lucky enough you can build your downline before the site even launches.

Check it out, a great way to make partnerships and friends!

Explosive Manual Traffic

Surfing For Maximum Site Exposure?

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Hello Again!!

   I have been very preoccupied this past week. I was trying to make a list of all the Traffic Exchanges I belong to(which took forever)! So, I have pulled together all of my url’s and placed them here for all to see! Simply click the url and you will go to the site. It is an inexpensive(free) way to advertise your web site regardless of what your site is about. Drive thousands of visitors to your sites with Traffic Exchanges. In the near future, I will be adding blogs in regards to Text exchanges, Ad exchanges, and solo-mails. With all the different sites I belong to the surf ratio’s vary. Some are 1:1 surf ratio while some are 6:1 surf ratio.(surf ratio is the amount of traffic you generate by viewing other members sites) 3:1 ratio is you surf 3 sites to have your site viewed once. Not so appealing to the eye but,  I advertise everywhere because the bonuses add up to 1:1 ratio’s if not better. You win prizes and cash as well. All for FREE! The Url’s in RED text are horror movie themed Traffic Exchanges. I am a huge horror/thriller/suspense movie critic and if you are to many those sites are for you!

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TOP SECRET INFO, If you read the whole blog and looked in detail you have seen this, otherwise, only the few will be rewarded( IN BETA TESTING MODE ONCE LAUNCHED, LINK WILL APPEAR HERE!)


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Stay tuned For The next blog about Text and Ad Exchanges, only THE best are advertised on my site! Do you have a program you belong to and think it should be on my list? Send me your referral link and I will look into it, worst case scenario, you get a free referral, ROFL!!!!!

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New dNeero Conversation

Friday, July 17th, 2009

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Family Fun That’s Recession Friendly!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Well, now that summer is here, what to do with the kids? Keeping in mind our economic condition as well. You don’t have to break the bank for family fun! If you have the money to take 3 to 4 children to Canada’s Wonderland for the day($150-200/day), then this may not interest you. From April until September, I am home and I do not have money to splurge, especially since my fiance had been laid off and called back to work 2-3 times since January 09. Here are some pretty inexpensive tips!

1. If you are going to a local park or an amusement park, BRING A COOLER WITH DRINKS AND LUNCHES!( you will save anywhere for $40 to 125+, depending on the establishment).
2. Go fishing, camping, or set up an outdoor scavenger hunt.
3. Pack up some backpacks and take a hike! LOL! Go on a hike in your area through nature trail walks.(In the Niagara Region, there are many to choose from with marked indications to show you that you are still on the path)
4. Go swimming at the local pool (some minicipalities DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEE’S, others pay $1-2/per child/day)
5. Go to the dollarstore and purchase crafts. This is under $10 and loads of fun! (Fingerpainting, clay modelling, paints, coloringbooks, etc..)
6. Make your very own slip and slide in the backyard (impossible for those in an apartment building, great if you have your own yard/property)
7. Make paper mache masks with the children( you will need flour, water, balloons and old newspaper)
8. Go online and search for family fun recipies(Include the children with meal preparations. Find easy receipies to have them share making the meals with you(helps them learn for when they need to do it on there own)
9. Go for a walk across town or to a friends house.
10.Take the kids to the movies! Some places have a day during the week that is significantly cheaper than the rest. 3-D movies are great becasue the children get to keep the glasses as a souvinier.

Look online for tips, crafts, and outdoor activities they are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

dNeero Coversation, Do You Care?

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

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Babies Gave Me Reason to Smile on Sad day :)

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


I stumbled upon this today, and thought I would share with everyone else. Being today is the day that the King of Pop will make his final farewell, this should cheer everyone up!


Michael Jackson’s Finally

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Well, today will be a sad day in LA. Unless you have been under a rock for the past few weeks, you know why. After 1.6 million fans waited to find out if they would receive one of the 8,750 pairs of tickets in the random draw, the wait is over. So, if you were not able to get tickets, or fly, drive or walk to LA, you can still see it. The memorial will be covered by many including CTV. About 50 theatres across the U.S.A, from Los Angeles to Topeka, Kansas, to Washington, D.C., were planning to broadcast the memorial live, for free, of course.
Coverage begins at 12pm, Eastern time. You can watch online at: Watch the memorial LIVE at at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT

Tonight Millions wait for Micheal Jackson e-mail To Arrive in Inbox

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Micheal Jackson fans will learn tonight if they have won tickets to Micheal Jackson’s funeral. Eager fans had from 10 a.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Saturday to register for a pair of tickets to the service. The King of Pop’s funeral will take place at the Staples Center, a sports complex in downtown Los Angeles, that MJ would have been performing his last tour. 8,750 names will be randomly selected to receive 2 tickets each. Precautions have been put into place to week out duplicate names to avoid scalpers getting their hands on the tickets. Many fans have already flocked to LA to be there in person hoping to be one of the selected 6,500 to fill the overflow next door in the Nokia Theater.