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Sex Is In The City, Or Is It? It’s All Around Us, Literally!!!

Monday, December 28th, 2009


People say that sex sells and I guess that’s why it’s all over the media! The only problem is that it gives unreal expectations from both partners in a relationship. It’s unfair that these images are all over the media( radio, advertisements, billboards, t.v, commercials, magazines etc..) children think they need to look a certain way to get their perfect partner. Looking at the different cultures globally I can understand why they do certain rituals and have specific clothing. Our culture wears next to no clothing(leaving little to the imagination or boudoir) and then in the Muslim culture, they are covered from head to toe, literally. No matter how much or little sex people are having they always seem to want more. If they don’t then they are usually getting their satisfaction elsewhere. I just don’t get it? For people who have children, the second the child is not around we want to breathe, not have sex! Sex is supposed to be magical, romantic and euphoric not a chore or obligation. I am not saying that spontaneous sex is not  awesome but if all you do is have sex, won’t it get boring? I know I know, there are many ways to make sex more interesting however, after all those positions/role-playing games are done you are still just left you and your partner. So, I guess when you first hook up with someone you shouldn’t have sex so that down the road, you can’t be told well, you used to, so what’s your problem now? A little bit of space and time(weather time together or apart), some cuddling with no intention of sex. Things that people do to one another such as take their partner for granted, seem so little and trivial. Yet I am sure every woman out there would agree with me that maybe if we had more help with the house and children we might have a little more energy for extra curricular activities.(lol!) Having a date night at least once every 2 weeks if possible helps as well. Gets you both out of the house, together and sometimes costs next to nothing. You can even just go for a walk to a coffee shop or friends house. I don’t understand it, and I don not think that I ever will! For instance, I read in a magazine the other day that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are expecting their 7th child!!! You know these people have nannies because with 6 children when do you find the time? When you have money I guess that it is different. But, for most of us common folk, by the time the children are in bed we are done! If your lucky enough to have a child that naps in the day you might get lucky enough to get a nooner, otherwise then that, I doubt it. lol. Anyways, the next time you want to complain, nag or harass your partner about sex or the lack of sex ask yourself, "what can I do to help them out during the day to not make them as tired?". Just a thought, well I should say, Just a rant! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your New Years!