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To My Fellow Canadians: Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 11th, 2010


As many of you are aware today is Thanksgiving for us Canadians! So let me start by wishing everyone a Happy Gobble Gobble!!  Now, I had my dinner on Sunday so we all had a day to recuperate from the turkey Overdose!lol! Funny thing is for hours you cook in the kitchen preparing a great meal and then you clean it for the next several hours!!! It seems that as technology advances no one has been able to come up with gadgets to make entertaining easier and quicker with the times. Our portable walkmans from the 1980's are small little Ipods or MP3 players. Yet, not one single genius has come up with an easier way to make a dinner feast? WOW! Technology should evolve a little bit more towards the kitchen and the bathroom and the laundry, the list could be endless!! I guess someday maybe my grandchildren will get that type of technology. Either way, I find it comical that we now have 3D televisions and laptops the size of novels and nothing further developed in the kitchen. Ron Popeil has made great inventions but nothing I personally would want. lol.  You can bet the person who invented the Bounce dryer bar knew that it would sell. Think of it as a dryer sheet you forget about and replace once every couple months. That saves on lint sheets all over the place and my time and energy remembering to put them in the dryer. With any luck someone will put their thinking cap on and remember that I said we need help in the kitchen! Oh right, almost forgot about the dishwasher. What the hell is the point? You practically wash them before we put them in and almost always need to dry them when they come out! We need someone to invent like the technology of the Jetsons, Hanna Barbara cartoon! We can have food is seconds and haircut machines, with robot maids etc……Now that the turkey is wearing off from yesterday I must get to my homework assignment. I have been putting it off all week-end and must get to it immediately. Have a great week and i wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

September is history and into Autumn I Fall.

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

September has wrapped up and October is now here. This week-end the temperatures in southern Ontario, dipped low. I woke up this morning and wowza’s!! Food festival is on this week-end in Welland so lucky people that went yesterday got a great day and sunshine! Today, the rain and the chilliness is making it a blah rainny day. It seems to me that this year we finish with seasons abruptly and quite frigid from spring to summer was intense and the humidity, high temperatures and smog. Summer to fall is just as crazy! Now I am sitting in my home contemplating lighting the pilot light on the furnace because its that chilly. I also noticed the other day that more and more of my fellow college students are becoming ill. Its the beginning of the school year, I can’t get sick! Not now or ever this year! I graduate this year and need to attend as much as I can!!! Now I must approach every one at school like they have the plague in order to keep bacteria at bay.(Just kidding). Now in just a couple of weeks, Halloween will be here and the POW!, November is right in your face! Then midterms are just finishing up and then BANG! You guessed it, Christmas is here!! I think I may be getting a little carried away but again that’s why it’s a blog of my rants!lol. So, I wish you all a great Thanksgiving next week-end(Canadian) and hope everyone is having fun and living life to the fullest!