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Boston Marathon Victims Fund

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

When I heard the news of the Boston Bombings on Monday April, 15, 2013 I was in shock, and dumbfounded!! First I cannot understand why someone would hurt and kill innocent people. Second, what can I do?I can/t leave to go physically help but here is something that you can do. Check out this link through RYOT News, they have all the information.

I am pleased to be able to pass along the information, which I got from a tweet by Ian Somerhalder!!! So, a big THANK YOU for that tweet, as it is going to help many people who require it.

Take care

Quiz:Which Vampire Diaries Boyfriend Is For You?

Thursday, April 11th, 2013
I have never been so happy to get a result from a poll!! Are you curious who your Vampire Diaries BF is? Click the link to find out…..
Who is Your ‘Vampire Diaries’ Boyfriend?

More on The Vampire Diaries. Created by BuddyTV
So, did you find the man of your dreams?If so, that is great! If not that is sad! You can try again.  I really enjoyed this quiz and I hope you did too!!  Talk to ya’ll soon!