Hawaiian Hits Site Temporarily Down

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 I was in the midst of surfing this evening. The weirdest thing happened when I clicked on the flashing surprise prize button.  The page that came up stated that the site was suspended. I figured there was an error with the members page I would try to report the site but, no luck. It kept redirecting me to the same page over and over again. Finally, I closed the tab and tried again. I was not able to log in because, you guessed it, the site was suspended. I realize that accidents happen, as it has happened to me in the past but, bandwidth seems to be an issue., I have noticed with newer traffic exchange sites that on the week-ends their bandwidth allocation exceeds their allowance. It is almost as though no one ever expects to exceed the "recommended bandwidth" offered from the various hosts. Regardless, I just thought that I would blog about it to let everyone know that it is not you, it is the site. I do not worry it is only a temporary issue. Keep trying to log in. My luck it is up and running before I even get this posted to my blog! LOL! On the positive side~that’s my sense of humor, lol!

Have a great night and I will give it a go in the morning,(that is to try to surf again at Hawaiian hits if ya didn’t know what I meant).


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