Celebrity Apprentice Finale Washout!

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    I have to admit I got into watching the Celebrity Apprentice. Normally, I would never watch it (strong hatred towards Mr.Trump) but, Jesse James was the only reason I started watching. Then, last night the 3 hour finale(which could have been done in 15 minutes) standoff between Annie the poker player and Joan old ass Rivers! Ok, for a 75 year old washed up comedian she is such an old rude bitch! Every episode she sounded like a toddler that didn’t get her way! Annie is this, Annie is that! She called her a crook, scam artist, thief and even went as far to say that Annie’s friends were in the mob. Really Joan, is that the only way you can win??? I honestly think Mr. Trump felt sorry for Joan, and that’s the only reason why she won. Being as Annie raised over $400,000 and Joan almost $200,000 in the finale alone! I strongly agree with Annie, who said at one point in the show referring to Joan "She needs to die!" Well, she does! Or at least sue the pants off of the plastic surgeon who screwed her face up so bad. :) Anyways, As soon as I saw who was in the finale, I knew it would suck and Joan would win, or she may throw a hissy fit, just like Melissa Rivers did when she got voted off. Melissa was so paranoid that Annie and Brandy were conspiring against her that she called them whores and liars, and manipulators. Here is an idea, Melissa take your mother to the other side of the world, build a tunnel and the two of you can live under a rock where you belong, oh yeah, don’t forget the plastic surgeon Melissa, by the looks of it, your gene pool is not all that great!

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