Skills for Success Niagara-St.Catharines, ON

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This Summer is did my co-op placement at Skills for Success Niagara. They are a non profit organization strictly funded by the Regional Municipality of Niagara. They offer a 3 week program for Customer Service/communication Skills Employment Program. It is a program that teaches basics computer skills. They use the most current computer programs. Once the program is finished they are given follow up assistance. If they need help with interview prep, cover letters, faxing, job searching etc… Each individual has one on one time with the counselors. This enables them to be able to do mock interviews in preparation for the real thing! The participants also receive their WHIMIS training(free of charge through the St.Catharines YMCA program). Currently the agency has a 88% success rate. What I mean by that is that of all graduates 88% retained and secured employment. The agency focuses on job search for each participant based on their past experience and skills learned. I really enjoyed working there and I still continue to volunteer my time. Due to funding cuts this past year the agency is looking for partnerships with other agencies. Want more Information?

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