Back to School Craziness!!

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Whether you are shopping for yourself, your children or siblings back to school is pure mayhem!!I have been paying attention to ads, flyers, etc.. for "Back to School" sales and promos. The only problem is there are only flyers for major department stores. The newest fad in fashion seems to be aimed at "skaterwear". What I mean by that is clothing that skaters wear (like Tony Hawk). When watching X games and so on kids see the participants wearing expensive clothing(surely they did not buy it, the clothes are given to them to advertise to the viewers and get people shopping for their brands). I am sorry but a backpack for back to school should not cost $50.00 to 60.00 dollars plus taxes!! That's insane! I can understand certain brand names cost more but it seems the pricing is a bit Hollywood. What parents can afford to buy that? Ok, I guess if both parents work $80,000/year jobs and only have 1 child, then that's not too bad. However, with 3 children, that comes to 150.00 dollars before taxes for BACKPACKS????I don't think so!! If I allow this I am only looking at a future of $200/jeans per child as well!! So I guess this year will be the last year I buy back to school clothes for the teens. If they want the expensive clothes, I GUESS THEY WILL NEED TO GET A JOB TO BUY THEM!!As for my youngest child, they do not seem to mind the name brands(or lack of) on their clothing. So for now I leave you with this. I will continue to find the deals on the name brands and put away for Birthdays and holidays. I guess this is the end of my rant….for now. :)

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