Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce

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So I am sure you have all heard that on October 31,2011 Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries citing "Irreconcilable differences". I am positive that I was not the only one who knew it would not last. There are a few reasons why it only lasted 72 days in my opinion. First, Kim is a spoiled Brat!!!She only cares about herself and her career so how can she take care of her husband if she doesn't care about him? 2nd a marriage is about making compromises, giving and taking yet she seems to only take take take and when she gives(its either money or sex) it gets thrown in his face that he's a bum! This was Kim's 2nd marriage, in January 2000 she eloped to Las Vegas, and married Damon Thomas when she was only 19 years old. I believe she eloped becasue he mother Kris Jenner did not approve of him(or any other guy on the planet). They would split three years later, in 2001. According to the court documents filed Damon had punched her in the face, slammed her up against walls and throw her across the room, leaving her bruised up and extremely battered. He also gave her $3,650 to get liposuction because he wanted her to be perfect and didn't like her lips(wonder if he paid for her butt too??). Damon then gave her an additional $1,000 for further surgery. What kind of and marries you and then says your ugly here is some money go get some plastic surgery? Until today I did not know she had previously been married becasue of the way she carried on with her wedding having to be so "Fabulous" and "Fairy Tale Like". I really thought that it was her first wedding. For the past few weeks rumors have swirled online that they were fighting all the time and that she told him "I think it's time you stop mooching and get a job"! That is the meanest thing that I have ever heard! I would not say that to an enemy let alone the man/woman I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with, you know till death do we part not till I am bored with you and realize you cannot be brainwashed into being my mindless minion. How is she going to keep a marriage when she talks smack like that to her husband. Kris Jenner(her mother) persuaded the couple to get a prenuptial agreement(seems the whole family except for Kim's step-father Jenner thought he wanted her money) and so they did. So, that tells me that Kris Humphries was NOT in it for the money, even though Kim and her crazy ass sisters constantly said that to Kim and Kris. I used to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians but lost interest shortly after season 1. See, I can't stand to watch these people(The Kardashians) flaunt their money with private jets here and there and liposuction everywhere, glamorous and ridiculous shopping sprees(when they already own everything under the sun or manufacture it) when there are people all over the world dying from starvation and diseases. It would be nice to see them help others instead of bickering with each other all the time! Regardless, another thing that bothered me is that watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it was one of Kim's sister's birthdays and in the end there was a fight, some drama(as usual) and then this was said to Kim "It's my birthday Kim, for once today is not about you, it's about me"! This tells me that this is something that has constantly gone on in this family and that becasue they have money Kim has always gotten everything given to her, or she throws a temper tantrum and then get's what she wants anywyas! Someone needs to explain to this liposuction filled brat that you can't always get what you want!! Even though she seems to!! She needs a rude awakening!! In all of this I feel really sorry for Kris Humphries who was quoted yesterday saying "I had no idea she was filing for divorce and I will/would do anything to work on the marriage to make it work!"Kris must have been raised with parents that passed on values and morals unlike the Kardashians. I think that if Kim just for one minute stopped being her bratty self maybe just maybe she could see that she is hurting him and his family! Who the hell is going to want to be hubby number 3? Will she ever be happy? I don't think so unless she can clone herself and marry the clone as it seems she only loves herself! Marriages take work as most relationships do but she didn't want to stick around once things weren't all whistles and bells. The honeymoon period or phase is not even over yet(usually 3-6 months after the wedding) she could not even make it 3 months!!!. Most married couples start to feel anxious at that point realizing that they are married and this is what it will be like…forever(or until divorce as it seems so common now). I can understand her being afraid of a man turning into someone like her 1st ex-husband Damon but she needs to grow up! She is over 35 now (which puts her in a dangerous category for having children) she will be a 2 time divorcee with a career stemmed from parents fame and a leaked sex tape. She apparently wants to have children when she is done with her career, so when will that be? Or will she go the easy way and use her money and adopt a child for the nanny to raise(not that I think that's what all celebrities do but she seems the type to do that, sorry Kim) Divorce is so common now that people all over the world had bets running how long they would last as a married couple. I can't wait to see this seasons show that her sisters have. Apparently from clips I have seen online and snip-its Cloe accuses Kris of only being in it for the glitz and glamor and also repeats this to Kim. This all happens before the wedding does!! That should have been some serious red flags for both Kris and Kim! As well Kris says "I don't want to end up like Omar and Scott not having a say in anything". That tells me he has a head on his shoulders and I am glad to say I hope he finds true love, considering she has ripped him apart!! I think she did the wedding as a entertainment stunt to get the ratings up higher on the show, why else would you have 2 weddings and film only 1? If you were going to film the wedding why not do it the first time instead of dishing out more cash to flaunt an extravagant wedding all for T.V? Ugh! She makes me sick I swear! There are people out there who actually look up to her? She was seen out at a Halloween party without Kris or her wedding ring dressed up in the sluttiest Poision Ivy outfit I have ever seen(made for porn movies in my opinion) and when asked where Kris was she replied "Oh, he's in Minnosota". 72 days later eh? Kris screw it, don't try to work nothing out, just grab your things and RUN!!!! You can find a better woman(shes only a girl playing the part of a woman) who will treat you and your ideas well. I htink it is ironic that as soon as the magazines and the tabloids stop reporting about the weddings and the details of them that now again she is back in the tabloids and newspapers for filing newspapers. She must love eating this stuff up!! Must be all for the ratings.

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