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This movie has been given a rating of R (restricted in the U.S.A.) however, here in Ontario, Canada we gave it a PG-13(parental guidance ages 13+). I am happy that in Ontario we wish to have our children see this film as it should be viewed by them and their families. Generates debate and discussion. Funny, The Hunger Games has the same PG 13+ rating in the USA, being a movie based on Suzanne Collins book depicts starving children competing against each other by killing each other off. I have NOT seen the movie but I have read the first book. It is a Youth categorized book but it is very graphic and involves romance. I would have given the movie a PG 13+ rating if less violence was involved. Again, this is based on the reviews I have read from fans of the trilogy and renown critics. I just want people to see this movie specifically children who are 13+!! The more awareness that is brought to the issue the better we can solve and involve kids in a solution and programs to assist kids being bullied. With an R rating in the USA it makes it harder for them to see it.

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