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This is my first bog here, and I am trying to get used to it..lol. I am almost 32 years old, a mother of 3 by birth and a step daughter. I recently decided to finish off my high school diploma. I dropped out of high school because I was pregnant. So, I finished that in June 2008. This June I am graduating from College for General Arts and Sciences, with an above 80 GPA. I will be returning to school in September of 2009 for the Social worker course. Over a quarter of a million people applied and I was a lucky applicant who got accepted! I love working with people and helping. I volunteer at the schools where my children attend, and as well at local homeless shelters. More people need to give back to the community when it is possible. Financially, I cannot so, I volunteer my time, which is tight as it is.

I have the next few months off to find employment, or secure a volunteer opportunity that will develop into something much better! I am involved with many different things and currently i will be running a marathon for cancer research. My youngest son will be joining me, as it is something he wants to do as well. I blog a lot on my windows live, and other sites as I have so much to say. I believe that writing is a way to channel your anger, sadness, rage and love. I choose to blog and rant about many different topics, as I am very actively watching the news and current events. My opinions are many and if I offend someone, please let me know and I will attempt to rewrite it more politically correct. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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