Season Finales Are Here, All Aboard!

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 Over the past I week I have been doing some serious televsion watching, lol. The Biggest loser finale on Tuesday was 3 hours instead of 2 as usual. So, needless to say my PVR did NOT record the actual ending! I had to go to the website to get the results Wednesday morning. I was upset that Team Pink won, again! Anyone else notice that Jillian’s team mates keep winning? Poor Bob! Well, maybe in season 9. I really thought that Tara or Mike would win, but they fooled me! The only thing is Helen looks scary. My son commented to me that she looks like a man now! So, I guess she is more than toned now than before, or ever to be more accurate. LOL!

 As well, I watched Running In Heels finale. Wow! Shocker the girl that seems to be able to do things as she is told won! The other 2 were shot down pretty harsh. Out of the 3 interns, one is pushy and will knock anyone down in her way with her ambition and the other realised that she really does not want to work as a magazine editor. The winner will be the East coast corespondent for Marie Claire magazine(and she does deserve it!). I really enjoyed this show, but I have not figured out why Stay tuned for my of my reviews. Got a comment or something to say? Leave me a comment!

To all my fellow Canadians….Have a great Long week-end!

To my  international visitors, have a great week-end!

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