Kendra Wilkinson Wed’s Boy Toy, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett in Shotgun Wedding!

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Okay, first they moved intogether and that was a shock, as Kendra had/has absolutley no idea how to be domesticated. But, are we surprised nope! This is why is talked about the way she is in the Media! So, the glorius wedding comes after the announcement that she is expecting a child in December. I guess it can’t be Heff’s??LOL!

Actually, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett’s is the proud groom and papa to be! This past week-end they got married and the pics turned out nice. Want to see??? Go here

Every Wednesday the local E Channel broadcasts a reality show about Kendra! Now,m in the first few minutes of the episode she let’s it be known that she has no idea what she is doing! A "close" friend of Kendra’s stop’s by and as they are speaking realises she needs to get food, and where do you get food? The grocery store!!!! So, Kendra and her gal pal jet out the door to go to the grocery store. Low and behold Kendra desides that she is going to promenade her ass all over the store in a scooter for elderly and for customers with mobility issues. After spending a good portion of the day in the store and wracking up just under $400.00 worth of food they head back to he rplace. She drops the eggs on the way to put them in the fridge as she carried them upsidedown, they don’t need instructions on egg carton’s now a day’s do we???? So afther all the food magically gets put away the door bell goes off and guess who??? The professional installator to instal Kendra her very own……wait for it……..Stripper Pole!!! Right in the middle of their livingroom! In the next episode her mom comes over and says something along the line’s of yu have a stripper pole but no furniture?Where are the priorities? HEY  MA!!! I don’t think she give’s a rat’s ass she has been sharing a man as old as grandpa with 3 other sluts and broadcasting it all globally, I don’t think Kendra thinks thing through before she does them, but wait….that would mean she has the abilty to THINK! LOL!

Media is gushing all over it because she wore "White" on her wedding. Rule number one, it primarily signifies your abscense(Kendra says huh?)Two, she was a playmate to Heff and 3 other hoe’s, and 3 she is pregnant! Funny how things work out!  I was surprised that Heff did not give her away at their wedding at the Playboy I will be tuning in when I have nothing better to do than see how she is going to make it through everyday life, interesting…. Stay Tuned….

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