Family Fun That’s Recession Friendly!

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Well, now that summer is here, what to do with the kids? Keeping in mind our economic condition as well. You don’t have to break the bank for family fun! If you have the money to take 3 to 4 children to Canada’s Wonderland for the day($150-200/day), then this may not interest you. From April until September, I am home and I do not have money to splurge, especially since my fiance had been laid off and called back to work 2-3 times since January 09. Here are some pretty inexpensive tips!

1. If you are going to a local park or an amusement park, BRING A COOLER WITH DRINKS AND LUNCHES!( you will save anywhere for $40 to 125+, depending on the establishment).
2. Go fishing, camping, or set up an outdoor scavenger hunt.
3. Pack up some backpacks and take a hike! LOL! Go on a hike in your area through nature trail walks.(In the Niagara Region, there are many to choose from with marked indications to show you that you are still on the path)
4. Go swimming at the local pool (some minicipalities DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEE’S, others pay $1-2/per child/day)
5. Go to the dollarstore and purchase crafts. This is under $10 and loads of fun! (Fingerpainting, clay modelling, paints, coloringbooks, etc..)
6. Make your very own slip and slide in the backyard (impossible for those in an apartment building, great if you have your own yard/property)
7. Make paper mache masks with the children( you will need flour, water, balloons and old newspaper)
8. Go online and search for family fun recipies(Include the children with meal preparations. Find easy receipies to have them share making the meals with you(helps them learn for when they need to do it on there own)
9. Go for a walk across town or to a friends house.
10.Take the kids to the movies! Some places have a day during the week that is significantly cheaper than the rest. 3-D movies are great becasue the children get to keep the glasses as a souvinier.

Look online for tips, crafts, and outdoor activities they are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

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