Bookworm’s Book Review’s

Recently I have been reading a ton of books compared to normally as I am always busy. However, after reading some great books I became  a member on Goodreads
I enjoy reading a lot and now I will be doing reviews too. In the future I also plan on doing recent Movie and music reviews as well.  I am able to read different books through my iPhone, laptop and of course paperback and hardcover. I do own quite a bit of books and have not read all of them. i figure I better read the ones that I have borrowed from the library first. I will also be trying to add different components to my web site and ensure that I am always blogging about something on my site.

I look forward to spilling the beans on my newest reads. however, i will not include spoilers for those who may have not yet had the chance to read the book yet.

Have a great week!

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