Eclipse Sneak Peak!!! Must see for Twilight FANS!!!

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Sex Is In The City, Or Is It? It’s All Around Us, Literally!!!

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People say that sex sells and I guess that’s why it’s all over the media! The only problem is that it gives unreal expectations from both partners in a relationship. It’s unfair that these images are all over the media( radio, advertisements, billboards, t.v, commercials, magazines etc..) children think they need to look a certain way to get their perfect partner. Looking at the different cultures globally I can understand why they do certain rituals and have specific clothing. Our culture wears next to no clothing(leaving little to the imagination or boudoir) and then in the Muslim culture, they are covered from head to toe, literally. No matter how much or little sex people are having they always seem to want more. If they don’t then they are usually getting their satisfaction elsewhere. I just don’t get it? For people who have children, the second the child is not around we want to breathe, not have sex! Sex is supposed to be magical, romantic and euphoric not a chore or obligation. I am not saying that spontaneous sex is not  awesome but if all you do is have sex, won’t it get boring? I know I know, there are many ways to make sex more interesting however, after all those positions/role-playing games are done you are still just left you and your partner. So, I guess when you first hook up with someone you shouldn’t have sex so that down the road, you can’t be told well, you used to, so what’s your problem now? A little bit of space and time(weather time together or apart), some cuddling with no intention of sex. Things that people do to one another such as take their partner for granted, seem so little and trivial. Yet I am sure every woman out there would agree with me that maybe if we had more help with the house and children we might have a little more energy for extra curricular activities.(lol!) Having a date night at least once every 2 weeks if possible helps as well. Gets you both out of the house, together and sometimes costs next to nothing. You can even just go for a walk to a coffee shop or friends house. I don’t understand it, and I don not think that I ever will! For instance, I read in a magazine the other day that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are expecting their 7th child!!! You know these people have nannies because with 6 children when do you find the time? When you have money I guess that it is different. But, for most of us common folk, by the time the children are in bed we are done! If your lucky enough to have a child that naps in the day you might get lucky enough to get a nooner, otherwise then that, I doubt it. lol. Anyways, the next time you want to complain, nag or harass your partner about sex or the lack of sex ask yourself, "what can I do to help them out during the day to not make them as tired?". Just a thought, well I should say, Just a rant! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your New Years!

E! Network Final Sign OFF! What Will I Do About My Shows?

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OMG!!! This morning I heard on the news that my local channel CHCH news was no longer E! Network. As of midnight August 31, 2009 E network no longer will air, EVER!!! At first I thought there was a mistake, so I did some research. Online, I was able to find 1 article about it. The E! Network airs all the reality shows and most of them I am totally addicted to. OMG! Now, I need to go online and disect the listings for my satellite and find each program again. It was great, all in one channel and my local news and weather.How did this happen? The CRTC on Friday sealed the fate of Canwest Global Communications’ secondary E! network by okaying the transfer of ownership of CHCH in Hamilton and CJNT in Montreal to Channel Zero. Channel zero is news almost all day long and two blockbuster movies at 7 and 9 pm, leading into what…more news, you guessed it! I am glad that everyone there still gets to keep there jobs but not everyone was so lucky. Around the same timeframe, the E! station in Red Deer, Alberta, CHCA, will sign off, and Kelowna, B.C.’s CHBC will morph into a Global Television station. CHEK , in Victoria announced on the 11:00 news that they have until tommorw. CHEK will be airing their morning, noon and evening news.Will their fate lead them to remaining on air or to close shop like the others?

Here is the Good news, as a rebrand of CH, Canwest will hang onto its E! Entertainment Networks program pipeline from Comcast as part of a multi-year deal. The E! programming is expected to air on the Global Television network and Canwest’s cable channels.(Yeah for me, I can still watch Kendra and Chelsea Lately, while keeping up with the Kardashians as I am eating the daily dish with side of Craig Ferguson Soup.(LOL) This past Friday, Canwest faced another deadline with US bondholders and senior lenders as they attempt to make 4 billion dollars to avoid bankruptcy protection. Talks of restructuring different divisions of the company in order to get bail out money or avoid bancrupsy. Does this not sound ridicullosly familiar?I see a pattern here.

Good Bye E! Network, I will miss you!!!

Till Next Time

Admin is NUTS!!Surf 4 Referrals Till Fri & This Week-End Surf 4 Cash!

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Happy Friday and say hello to my little friend called the WEEK–END!!!!

Thursday and Friday surf 100 sites at Manual Traffic and send me a ticket. Your name will be entered into a draw for  A REFERRAL!!!!

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Surf & Win CASH This Week-end!

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Hello Again,
Just a quick little note to say this week-end, Simply surf 100 sites at Manual Traffic(10 second timer) and surf 200 sites at surf100sites(5 second timer) and you will be entered into a draw. This will be a random drawing not a top surfer contest. Cash Prizes will be awarded to three lucky members at each Traffic Exchange! So, You have a 1 in 6 chance of winning a cash prize this week-end! Not to mention all the bonus credits at both exchanges too. Keep in mind that the contest does not end until Sunday night at 11:59 p.m server time. Please make sure you send a support ticket to each administrator once you have completed the required surfing.
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OMG, I’m The New Administrator @ Manual Traffic!

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Wow! Have I been busy, lol! Last week-end I started an online job! I am the new administrator at Manual Traffic! It is great! Not only do I get the pleasure of meeting new people and networking but, I get to do so many other things! It is funny how things happen, lol.  When I am surfing at other Traffic exchanges, I now know what it is like to sit on the other side of the fence(so to speak).  There is alot of work and time put into these exchanges. I really didn’t know how things worked but, now I do. I really give huge KUDOS to ALL TRAFFIC EXCHANGE OWNERS/ADMINISTRATORS!!! Keep up the great work guys! Now becasue I have a short attention span, when I surf I surf multiple exchanges. There are hover surf, click surf, bingo surf, solitary surf, surf for games, surf in a game etc…the possiblities are endless. I am a  member of many different TE’s I said earlier and they all vary, for fun! Surfing can become pretty redundant but, when admin/owners spice it up it is not bad at all!  Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the one’s I surf are simple, and that’s good as well. What is the use of having an exchange if people don’t understand how to use it? Well, Manual traffic is one of the simpliest ones but I really love it! Seeing all the different sites, banners and texts of the members shows the diversity of the internet market. Why don’t you come check it out?

If you have a business, and want free advertising, this is the place for you! Mention you saw my blog in a support ticket and you will receive an exclusive bonus!

Blog 2 U Soon!

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Happy Civic Holiday Long Week-End!

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 Hi There!

I just wanted to wish all my fellow Canadians agreat holiday long wee-end! In the Niagara Region there will be lots of events for your entertainmnet. In Port Colborne, Canal Days is currently under way! Concerts, vendors, tall ships and the midway. Lots of fun for everyone! In St.Catharines a yummy rib fest is going on this week-end! Not to mention all the Barbeques and pool parties. I wish everyone a great week-end no matter where you are. Don’t drink and Drive, be safe and have FUN!  I will try very hard not to think about the fact that school is one holiday week-end away! Oh, I almost forgot! I won a surfing contest at Hellacious Hits and now I am pro for 3 months!!!!I am so happy!

Chow for Now!

Watch Your Paypal Account Carefully, Check Your Account Daily!!!!

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 I am telling my story so that no one else gets ripped off! 

Last week while going through my hotmail account, I noticed something interesting, yet peculiar. As I read the message title "Here are your Rapid Share Account details", I wondered what the hell is Rapid Share? Interesting enough the message gave me my account details for a rapid share account that I had apparently signed up to via Pay pal. I immediately checked my Pay pal account to see that there was a charge for $54.00(euro’s), which translates to $88.00 Canadian dollars!!! My Pay pal stated that it had returned the charge as they suspected third party use of my Pay pal account. My account had a"limited usage" status. As I looked into this, now I had to prove who I am because someone hacked my Pay pal. So, I submitted all the required documentation and waited. Through several e-mails with Pay pal they stated  that it was being investigated and that the charges would be reversed. Well, the $88.00 dollars had been debited from my bank account, even though I only had $45.00 in it. So, there was an overdraft charge along with many others, and now I am over $50.00 in the RED! I owe the bank money! So, let me get this straight! My account gets hacked, Pay pal allows an unauthorized transaction, my bank gives them the money and charges me for it. So, I wrote Pay pal, they suggest I print a copy of the e-mail from Paypal and bring it to my bank, they should credit the fees back. Ok, so where is my money? It has been 10 days(paypal takes 10 days to investigate) and my money still has not been returned to my bank! That money that was in the account was for groceries(odds and ends for my family). No one at the bank or Pay pal gives a crap or cares! Pay pal has stopped writing/replying to my e-mails. So, today I will send them another e-mail(makes about 7 or 8 now). Maybe by the time August is over I will have my money. Pay pal did include a list of things to do to prevent it in the future. But, what about now?? I wait, I guess, but if I owed that money to Pay pal or the bank, they would have wanted it 10 days ago! This all happened July 18th, now on July 29th I am no further ahead, and I am deeper in debt to the bank. So, here are some tips, so you don’t get screwed out of your money!

#1.  Change your Paypal Password frequently

#2. Don’t give it to anyone

#3. Do not store bank passwords or Pay pal passwords on your computer (Roboform), all a hacker has to do is hack the main password and voila, they now have access to all your important passwords.

#4. If you suspect an unauthorized charge, report immediatelyt and retain all e-mail correspondance(becasue some representatives forget to notate things in their system, leaving you , the victim of internet crime, lookinng like this was the first time you contacted the company.

#5. If it seems to good to be true, it is!

#6. Check e-mails carefully becasue their are phishing sites that have the header of Paypal on the e-mail but once clicked you are brought to another site!

~BE suspicious of any e-mails you receive stating welcome or thanks for joining when you have never heard of the site.~~

P.S. Once my funds are transfered into my bank acount I will be closing my Pay pal for fear it may happen again in the future. I checked online and this has happened before to others, and it was Rapid Share who did it. So, is it a hacker who likes to download illegal movies and music or is it someone at Rapid Share wanting to make commissions? I don’t know, but from now on I will keep a close eye on both my e-mail  and my bank account!!

Hawaiian Hits Site Temporarily Down

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 I was in the midst of surfing this evening. The weirdest thing happened when I clicked on the flashing surprise prize button.  The page that came up stated that the site was suspended. I figured there was an error with the members page I would try to report the site but, no luck. It kept redirecting me to the same page over and over again. Finally, I closed the tab and tried again. I was not able to log in because, you guessed it, the site was suspended. I realize that accidents happen, as it has happened to me in the past but, bandwidth seems to be an issue., I have noticed with newer traffic exchange sites that on the week-ends their bandwidth allocation exceeds their allowance. It is almost as though no one ever expects to exceed the "recommended bandwidth" offered from the various hosts. Regardless, I just thought that I would blog about it to let everyone know that it is not you, it is the site. I do not worry it is only a temporary issue. Keep trying to log in. My luck it is up and running before I even get this posted to my blog! LOL! On the positive side~that’s my sense of humor, lol!

Have a great night and I will give it a go in the morning,(that is to try to surf again at Hawaiian hits if ya didn’t know what I meant).


Recently I stumbled upon a new traffic exchange. I briefly mentioned it in my last blog. Well, now the site is up and running and there is still a few weeks before it launches. So, why not join now and get it on it before the "actual" launch in August. See, the reason most people do not make money online is becasue they are too late. Most of the time when you sign up, there are already massive advertisements. In this case, there are NOT! So, click the url and join now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain for this. This opportunity is a great one, and if you are lucky enough you can build your downline before the site even launches.

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