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So Many Great Things To Share With You All!! First, FanExpoCanada,Ian Somerhalder and More!!

Hello again!! I am so sorry for the long hiatus. So many things have happened since my last blog! This past summer I went to my first ever Fan Expo Canada (Celebration of Comic-Con in Canada for 20 years now)!!I went to Toronto Ontario for the the Labor Day long week-end and had the time of my life! 1st and foremost, I MET Ian Somerhalder (SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM)!! In case you live under a rock Ian Somerhalder currently plays Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries on The CW Network. Also, owns and operates 5 businesses, animal rights activist, human rights activist, environmentalist, model citizen, played in many shows including Lost as Boone. If you want more information on him, just Google him or check on IMBD. So, I am a huge fan!!Of him and all the things he is passionate about! So, anyways, I must explain that I had paid for a picture with Ian Somerhalder at the convention center. I had purchased it online and had a booked time of 2:45 pm.E.S.T. My girlfriend and I did not make it to the convention center until after 4 pm due to crazy traffic(there were 7 or 8 different events going on just in the downtown core this week-end.) So, on my way to the area for the photo ops I think that my time slot has passed and that I am not getting a picture without paying another $65.00. As I get up to an attendant they ask “Ian Somerhalder anymore people for Somerhalder?” I reply to him that I do have a ticket but I am almost 2 hours late. He replies “You are not late, get on in that line there.” I was so excited I was about to scream! So as I am waiting in this line up I start to hyperventilate, the thought that I am about to meet and greet with Ian Somerhalder has not really set in. So, after the couple ahead of me goes into this area where there is solely shaded up for the picture professionals. Now, I can see Ian through this very thin sheet that is over steel poles to create these shades. I PANIC……seriously, I start sweating, shaking, my throat closed up and mouth became pasty. I was about to faint. OMG!!!! I start waving my hands like a maniac motioning for my girlfriend to come to me (she is approximately 150 feet from me. So she runs to me and I beg her to get me water I am going to pass out. She is on it, and fly’s to get it for me. I take a deep breath and think to myself it is ok, everything is ok she has gone to get me the water. At this time “excuse me, You are honey, last one. See what I failed to mention is when the anxiety kicked in I allowed every other person to go ahead of me while getting my friends attention. Slowly, I start to go into this room and there is Ian, maybe 4 or 5 feet from me getting his photo taken with the cute couple that was now ahead of me in line. My turn comes up and I am so nervous. I ask the security guard next to me if I can please have a sip of water of one of the water bottles. I am thinking I will faint, he says NO! Just like that, NO! So I was Okay, then they motion me to go up. As I near Ian I am asked if I wish to remove my purse (which was my messenger bag, that is The Vampire Diaries), I think no but remove it. Just then Ian turns to me and sees me wearing an ISF tee shirt. ***ISF= Ian Somerhalder Foundation**** and Ian says to me “Nice shirt, what a great cause”. I try to speak but nothing comes out I just blushed severely and began to shake uncontrollably. He then says “Awes, Comes here….You!!”. I do and to my surprise I get a beautiful embraceful hug!!Snap, snap, there goes the camera and I am so on cloud nine!!! I held him for dear life during the picture op and WOW!! Amazing!!!I hold his arm then we locked fingers as we both said bye…for now :) As I leave and turn a corner I began to bawl, like a baby!! All I can think of is that OMG I JUST HUGGED AND HELD IAN FREAKING SOMERHALDER MAN!!!!!! In my fit of happiness a security guard approaches me and asks if I am ok and I explain that No, I am happy and take his tissue he offered. He tells me to go to the desk to get my picture. And I did exactly that. then it hits me, My girlfriend is waiting with water, so I run off to meet her…… I find her thank her for water and chug it back fast. As I start telling her my experience she says shhh and looks up, there he is 2 feet away from us on the other side of the black sheet!!!! OMG!!! Can this day get any freaking better????YES IT CAN!!! He then peaks his head out and starts to wal;k to ther area where he will sign autographs. I follow him, take pictures, and more pictures. The next we have a question and answer period with him and I cannot wait!! When we left the convention center we headed to the hotel. I could not stop talking About the experience trying to remember every detail in detail as I would savor this moment forever!!!I look at my friend and say ” I am sorry I just don’t want to forget that moment or this one honey”, She replied “YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS!!!!”. She was so RIGHT! I have so much more to tell you but for tonight, I must go. It is time for Supernatural’s Season 10 premiere!!!See you soon!!!
Ian & I