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November SWEEPS are here, and you can tell!

I am loving all the different twists and turns developing on every single different show I have been watching on T.V. To Tell you the truth, from 8pm-11 Monday through Friday I do watch a fair bit of television. Your average things like blacklists, deaths, births, originals, Kings, Queens, paranormals of vampires, supernatural(s) such as witches, goblins, fairies, it is all elementary in Neverland.(and Hollywood)!!lol!!! I do not know what to expect any more on my regular shows because of these crazy sweeps. One minute your laughing your ass off, literally and the next minute bawling!! In case you don’t know what sweeps is, I will explain quickly. This was taken from the Wikki website only for the purpose of a definition. (Nielsen ratings are the audience measurement systems developed by the Nielsen Company, in an effort to determine the audience size and composition of television programming in the United States. Nielsen Media Research was founded by Arthur Nielsen, who was a market analyst whose career had begun in the 1920s with brand advertising analysis and expanded into radio market analysis during the 1930s, culminating in Nielsen ratings of radio programming, which was meant to provide statistics as to the markets of radio shows. In 1950, Nielsen moved to television, developing a ratings system using the methods he and his company had developed for radio. That method has since become the primary source of audience measurement information in the television industry around the world.) Not that the ratings actually make any sense, nor do they portray a real sense of how many people are watching these shows and where and when and it is via TV, mobile or internet??? I have lost too many shows and if you read my previous posts on my blog you know how much I hate it when they cancel a show I got interested in because of lack of viewers. Does that also include people that PVR and record their shows to watch another time?? Sorry, that rant is over now. lol. Now that we know what the sweeps are we can move on. Funny thing too with Neverland and Once Upon a Time is that I do not normally watch this and Sunday night’s I really do not have any planned T.V. so it get’s watched lol. Tonight, at 8p.m. on M3 on Cogeco Cable I will be watching the newest of my addictions, Reign. A story line based loosly on characters from Queen Mary of Scott’s time and King Henry and gave it a CW twist!!! I love it! Naturally, I would as I love so many shows on the CW network. We here in Canada, do not get that channel so we must suffer the consequences. FOr instance tonight when I am watching Reign, it will have originally aired last Thursday night after The Vampire Diaries at 9pm on the CW. So most will watch tomorrow night and I will see that next week. That does not happen with The Vampire Diaries because M3 plays it Thursday night at 8pm just like the CW. So, if you have not already check out this promo video for Reign. I know with all the complaining I should not do as I have friends in the UK that didnt get to see episode 1 of Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries until October 29 when it aired in USA and Canada on October 3. I feel for you my friends but I am glad that you can all watch it now. Halloween was great, gave out candies this year to real kiddies (usually we didn’t have any visitors for the past 3 years lol) and Thanksgiving has passed for us. Remembrance is coming and after that the USA Thanksgiving and Christmas. Terrible on the 1st of November hearing Jingle Bells and my Halloween decoration were still u,lol. Have a great week ya’ll I am off to do my housewife/mom duties now,lol. Talk to ya’ll soon!